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Tatiana Heckles

Tana is a positive person with a Can-Do attitude …and she Can Do! She negotiated the sale of our house within a month… for over our high-end asking price. She’s a real champ–everyone felt good about the sale (buyers included). A testament to her knowledge, finesse, honesty and ability to work with people on both sides of the bargaining table.

The successful sale: My husband and I had been living and working overseas for seven months when we decided to put our Billings house on the market; the sale of would require a savvy and honest agent with the confidence to handle almost everything, without unnecessary back and forth (we’re in an opposite time zone) from us.

Tana managed and anticipated everything that needed minding or attention while keeping us in the loop and cueing us for possible scenarios that might unfold with luck and finesse (counter-offers). She had the confidence to drive the sale, taking safe-risks to explore what the multiple prospective buyers were willing to offer for the house in relation to the initial and second offers made. I feel like all of the interested buyers felt she was a professional, honest straight-shooter. Both buyer and seller (us) were very happy with the sale price and agreements that Tana negotiated.

Tana’s personable and professional nature was able to navigate: 1) communicating with both my husband and me in Korea and 2) the three different tenants living in the Billings house. She was kind, helpful, and respectful to each tenant, arranging showings of the house that not only worked with their individual schedules but would not compromise their sense of security. To do this, she was present for every showing (no sellers’ agents went in solo with their clients) and all prospective buyers “qualified” before coming into the tenants’ spaces. Her aptitude for managing this put our tenants at ease and made the whole process for them, and in turn us, very comfortable.

She was also great facilitating the final back and forths between the buyer and us; specifically, repairs that needed to be finished before closing; she had the confidence to even contact the window contractor herself to arrange for the final repairs to be completed–so helpful–and her rapport with the contractor was friendly and professional. Everyone who had contact with her throughout the sale process was pleased to be working with her and willing to do what she asked in good spirit and in a timely manner (kind of amazing).

Our overall experience with Tana was one to which other agents and those in professional customer service (and customer service in general) should aspire. She facilitated the sale of our house, a house with three different tenants (living three different lives, with three different schedules, all though with a need to feel valued and secure in their living spaces during the sale of the house) with professional grace, kindness, efficiency, savvy, humor and confidence. This …without us even being present.

Her communication with us kept us in the loop, made us feel in control, but also made us feel completely confident with her driving the train. She is knowledgable, self-reliant, resourceful, and flexible enough to even handle sales that necessitate non-standard operating procedures–our involved, among other novelties, the embassy in Seoul (no problem!). This woman has set the bar, SO glad I chose her. If she takes you on, the sale of your house on, consider yourself very, very lucky… and treat her well.